Chanell Angeli Wins Top Honors at MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW 2022

Bridging the physical and spiritual realms

Atlanta-based mixed-media artist Chanell Angeli uses birchwood canvas, floral materials, acrylics and archival images to explore themes of the divine feminine and African diaspora. Bold yet abstract, Angeli's style conveys a timeless quality of power. She depicts gods and mortals unlocking ancient mysteries while creating fresh puzzles that might hold the key to eternity.

On Tuesday, Angeli won the top prize and a special Clio Award for creative achievement at the fifth annual MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW. Judged by experts in contemporary art, the competition honors entrants from the world of advertising.

"It's my deepest hope that my work conveys that you're not alone—but not in a creepy, sci-fi way," Angeli tells Muse. "For all the dreams and aspirations you have, there are those in the spirit realm who are aiding you, loving you, protecting you—and who desperately want to see you win. My art should remind people that on their loneliest darkest day, they're still connected and cherished and special."

The MvVO ART jury, chaired by Laura Skoler of the New Museum NYC's board of directors, connected with Angeli's deeply felt, multi-contextual approach, feting the four pieces below:

Those works headlined Angeli's second solo exhibition, "Portals in the Matrix," from last November. The show cast art "as community care and a portal that one could be transported through," she says. " 'Obsidian' was the anchor piece. It's shaped like a door and reflective like a mirror—both symbolic of portals—with found material around the border. It represents the gateway out of and into the matrix."

Angeli's love of writing and photography inform her art. She recalls "begging my mother to buy me journals and diaries as Christmas and birthday gifts so I could write poetry and stories," and she published a poetry collection there years ago.

Today, she believes "all of my artwork is poetry. All of it is inlaid with metaphors, symbolism and then also literal definitions and ideations."

Photography also stokes her creative fires. After a modeling stint, Angeli opened a photo studio in 2013. "I realized I belonged behind the camera. There's something special about the camera capturing a moment in time and an essence and an aura of a person."

She has also served as a graphic artist and creative director, recently guiding the release of a limited-edition Savoir Faire perfume, and contributing artwork to the label.

"I'm at the point now in my career, life and spiritual journey where my only reason for creating is to hopefully channel inspiring and comforting energy through the work," she says. "My biggest influence would have to be my spiritual practice. Other influences would be current events, my ancestors and their histories, my family and my dreams for their future."

In addition, two other MvVO ART winners emerged from a field of 120 artists.

Parme Marin explores notions of "La Peau" (skin), working in leather, hair and wood:

And Persian folktales, medieval tapestries and illuminated manuscripts inspire Layla Nami's dramatic screen-prints:

"The talent represented in the 2022 selection is extraordinary," says MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW CEO and founder Maria van Vlodrop. "When people comment on the diversity of our artists, I can only say that this is organic and reflects the creative people with roots in advertising and commercial design."

Havas hosted a reception for the winners on Tuesday at its offices in Manhattan.

Through May 31, the Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center in New York will display all of the show pieces on its giant video screens. Works can be purchased at the MvVO gallery page on Artsy.

See past winners of the show here.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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