'Your Uber Awaits,' Says New Campaign for a Reopening World

Leave your four walls and dirty dishes behind

As the world reopens and you venture back outside, you’re really going to miss the unused exercise equipment, unfinished jigsaw puzzles, mountains of dirty dishes and sweatpants piled high. Too bad you can’t burn such images into your isolation-addled brain for a few more months, right?

Breaking today, "Your Uber Awaits" invites viewers to explore their cities and enjoy some well-earned recreation and social contact. Mother London developed the campaign with director Martin Werner, whose recent Swiss tourism work went viral.

Your Uber Awaits | Uber

Maybe make the bed and vacuum before safely sharing some IRL face time with friends and family? As if!

The crunchy chords of Ace Frehley's "New York Groove," a commercial staple in recent years, set the right tone. Even though the tune name-checks NYC, and the ads will mainly run in the U.K. it's the perfect punchy soundtrack for cruising around town—any town. (Fans of a certain vintage will recall that Ace famously covered his face in greasepaint. British travelers should opt for a protective mask when summoning an Uber—it's the law.)

Minimalist radio spots make good use of the cut's percussive power. They're almost like tone poems or sound collages, celebrating the return of restaurant dinners, movie nights (in theaters!) and human interaction.

Uber | Drips, Typing

Fittingly, these out-of-home elements take Uber's message to the streets:

Of late, players in the car-hire category have struggled with bad publicity on several fronts. This campaign should remind users why such services rolled big in the first place, and reassert Uber's go-to status for folks on the go.


Creative: Mother
Production Company: Academy Films
Director: Martin Werner
Production Company Producer: Georgina Smith
Editor: Russell Icke @ The Whitehouse
Post Production: Coffee & TV
Sound Design: Sam Ashwell @ 750
Music Supervision: Theodore Music

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