Your Baby Is Your Coupon in Serta's Cute Mother's Day Promotion

When your bundle of joy saves you a bundle

Wah! Wah! Waaaah!! 

That's the sound of your baby crying. It will wake you up at night—repeatedly. In fact, new parents lose an average of about 350 hours of sleep in the first year.

Mattress maker Serta wants to ease the pain. So, for Mother's Day, the brand will provide special discounts for consumers who bring their precious bundles of poop and noise into participating stores.

In other words: Your baby becomes your coupon.

Wah! Wah! Waaaah! (That means baby approves.)

Leo Burnett delivered the concept as part of its ongoing "Not just sorta comfortable. Serta comfortable" campaign, and created the clip below, showing parents thoroughly rattled by sleep deprivation: 

"We found that Gen Z is more likely to shop in-store and experience the product before making a decision, so we challenged ourselves to take a different approach to a very tired tactic," explains Serta chief marketer Melanie Huet.

Bring your baby into a participating Serta location between May 6 and May 20 and make a purchase to receive a gift or discount valued up to $300. One lucky mom who gives birth on Mother's Day will win a regular mattress, crib mattress and $3,000 for babysitting services. 

"Every holiday, people are bombarded with the same messaging offering a discount to buy furniture, so we're aiming to break through the clutter with this program and reward parents with a comfortable night's sleep," Huet says. "We also wanted to make it as easy as possible for new parents to benefit from a discount, especially as they are out and about with their little ones most of the time—so we thought, the baby can be the coupon! To our knowledge, this is the first time parents can use their baby as a coupon, and we think our customers will have fun with that." 

You don't even have to be a mom or present an actual baby to score some savings, though.

"We wanted to recognize and celebrate new parents first and foremost and give them a reason to come in store to give them the comfort we know they are craving," Huet says. "But the best part is that anyone can participate in this promotion. We know that people will define 'my baby' differently, so we opted to let our customers decide how to define it. If 'your baby' is your pet, or your teenager, that's OK with Serta."

You can swaddle a garden gnome and bring it in for a discount. Live a little!

An integration with Jimmy Kimmel Live airs this Wednesday, we're told, featuring 10 babies in a segment with sidekick Guillermo. 

No Jimmy in nappies!? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Brand: Serta
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
PR Agency: Zeno Group
Media Agency: CrossMedia

Melanie Huet – EVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Onney Crawley – VP, Marketing
Justin Johns – Senior Marketing Director

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Britt Nolan - Chief Creative Officer
Brian Shembeda - EVP, Creative Director
Jeff Candido - SVP Creative Director
Travis Lampe - Creative Director
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Lauren Schiappa - Senior Strategist
Chance Cooper - Senior Counsel II
Tracy Scimeca - Manager, Advertising Clearance
Anne Carbo - Business Manager

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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