You Can Order a Single Chicken McNugget at McDonald's in Switzerland Now

Celebrating the menu staple's 40th birthday

Could you really go for exactly one McDonald's Chicken McNugget right about now? Well then, hop over to Switzerland and chow down!

Working with TBWA, local McD's are tapping into a mathematics-themed meme by offering a single-McNugget selection to celebrate the menu staple's 40th birthday.

Fans love to indulge in jokey theorems about the breaded bites of bliss. There's also intense competition over who gets the final McNugget.

This campaign goofs on the whole numerical bit. Plus, per press materials, "Everyone gets the last nugget."

Chicken McNuggets of Love

Eat just one McNugget? Sure. Stop at a single fry? Sacrilege!

"Because sharing is an important part of our food culture, we don't want anyone to miss out," says McD's rep Severine Caspard. "With individual nuggets, everyone can order the exact number of Chicken McNuggets they need for fair sharing and to show their love for friends or family."

Each special Nug sells for 1.20 Swiss francs while supplies last. A regular box of four costs 4.80. (Though the way things are going, that could be 480.00 soon. Kidding—probably. Ho! Ho! Ho!)


McDonald's Switzerland: David Smadja, Jean-Guillaume Bertola (Chief Marketing Officer), Severine Caspard (Marketing Manager), Morgane Zillweger (Marketing Manager)

Idea and execution: TBWA\Switzerland

Film production: Markenfilm Switzerland, Harald Zwart (Director), Florian Studer (Producer), Simon Drescher (DOP), Peer-Arne Sveistrup (Editor)

Music: Mokoh Music Berlin

Audio: Jingle Jungle Zurich

Video production: ViDo Production

Media strategy and planning: OMD Switzerland

Social Media: TBWA\Buzz

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