W+K Bakes Weepy Humor Into Spots for Heinz Beanz

Dude, stop crying. You'll be home soon enough

In a very weepy :60 from Heinz and Wieden+Kennedy London, a typical traveler from the U.K. reaches his sunny destination ... and the waterworks begin.

Dude's despondent at the airport baggage carousel and folds into in a fetal position at his hotel. Swimming, tennis, discos and karaoke can't cheer him. Even a massage leaves our whimpering wanderer tense and dismayed.

That's because his suitcase got lost. But it's not boxers, socks or fresh Polo shirts he craves.

This is, after all, a Heinz commercial. So, it's not too difficult to guess what's bean ... er, been causing him such levels of existential angst.

Heinz | Too Good to Leave Behind

At the end we're told that Heinz beans are simply "Too Good to Leave Behind."

Um, OK. But couldn't he give the flan a try? Guess not. For Brits, loading up luggage with tins of legumes is apparently a thing.

Steve Rogers directed through Biscuit Filmworks x Revolver. He's a veteran of funny food-related fare for Uber Eats. Those ads, like this Heinz outing, excel at visual storytelling. Neither uses dialogue, and that approach gives both campaigns a little something extra to help them stand out.

The moody soundtrack selection—"L'Appuntamento" by Ornella Vanoni—adds a splash of exotic style.

Through it all, without saying a word, veteran comedy actor Steve Furst gives a delightfully despairing performance. At times, he seems genuinely upset, but channels enough humor to let us know his tongue's lodged firmly in cheek.

"While on set, I asked him what he thought about in order to cry convincingly, and he said, ‘All the acting auditions I failed in my life,'" W+K creative director Joe de Souza recalls.

Launching this week, the push also features OOH. Some of those elements, shot by photographer Kamila K. Stanley, will appear at terminals in London's Heathrow Airport.

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