Window Seats: British Airways' Vibrant OOH Is Poetry in Motion

A fab flight from Uncommon

British Airways glides above the seemingly ubiquitous cloud of anamorphic, oft-bombastic billboard campaigns with eye-catching OOH that combines crisp imagery and subtle motion to grand effect.

The work from creative studio Uncommon carries on from BA's evocative film that told its story from a newborn's point of view.

Now, that youngster cameos in out-of-home placements, joined by other travelers in window seats. In some cases, these subjects move their heads to survey the view.

The effect is subtle yet impressive in what should rank among the year's OOH high-flyers.

British Airways | Windows 1
British Airways | Windows 2

A tad creepy perhaps. Whoa! Is that face watching me? Ultimately, though, the effect works in the campaign's favor. It's just so memorable.

"This concept plays on the idea that customers usually take photographs from their seat out of the aircraft window, but instead, reversing the camera and spotlighting customers' emotions as they look onto their destination, " Uncommon explains in press materials.

Such visuals, "can give a deeper insight into their unique stories and original reasons for travel."

Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer Christopher Anderson helped develop the initiative. Both the animated and static executions work equally well, conveying the notion of spirited discovery which is every airline's stock in trade.

The work breaks today across 324 locations around the U.K., including London's Piccadilly Circus.

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