Where's Walter? Chevy's Cool Cat Returns for Silverado (Sort of)

Blink and you'll miss him

The cat came back. But you'll miss him if you blink.

Walter, the surprise feline star of Chevrolet's viral Olympics commercial from Commonwealth/McCann, returns, fleetingly, in a :60 hyping the Silverado ZR2 that broke Thursday during NBC's coverage of the NFL's regular-season kickoff game.

And speaking of games, you might have to play a few rounds of "Where's Walter?" to spot him in the ad below, while actor Chris Pratt and other luminaries share top billing.

First-Ever Silverado ZR2 Reveal | Chevrolet

Walter's visible in the Silverado's bed, his tail darting this way and that, around the 20-second mark, as Pratt prattles on.

Heck, Thunder the Steer gets more screen time. That's bull! 

Chevy sent the image at the top of this post, so we can see what we're missing. (Unless we look really really closely, that is.)

Ah well, we'll always have the original, where Walter puts on the dog, as it were, running down tennis balls, herding cows and chasing other cats up a tree:

2021 Chevy Silverado – Cat | Chevrolet

The original Walter spot continues to air during NFL games.

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