Whassup? Dwyane Wade and Friends Do a Lockdown Version of Bud's Classic Ad

Gabrielle Union and other celebs join the party

Hey, everyone trapped at home during lockdown: WHASSUP?

Here's one thing: Budweiser just revived its beloved "Whassup?" line in an amusing 90-second spot featuring former NBA superstar Dwyane Wade, his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, former Miami Heat standout Chris Bosh, two-time WNBA MVP Candace Parker, and DJ D-Nice.

When they get together for a group video chat, tongues start wagging as each tries to out-do the other on the classic catchphrase:

Budweiser | Checking in, that’s Whassup

"Staying connected matters more than ever right now," the ad says at the end. "Checking in, that's whassup." A toll-free number for the Salvation Army's help line follows. Bud will also make a donation of $100,000 to support the organization's Covid-19 relief.

VaynerMedia developed the campaign concept, and Traktor's Ole Sanders directed. A second spot, also featuring Wade and Union, drops soon.

"Thanks to modern technology, we're able to remain virtually connected in ways that otherwise we would not have been able to within the current distance-mandated climate," Budweiser vp of marketing Monica Rustgi says in a statement. "In times like these, something as simple as a hello, or in this case 'Whassup,' means a lot."

She adds: "We found this to be a meaningful opportunity to revisit the original spot's simplicity and focus on human connection in a time when people may be feeling hopeless, uncertain and alone. Our hope is that by getting people to check in, we can play a small part in bringing the world closer together during these trying times."

DDB and director Charles Stone III created the original "Whassup?" commercial, which bowed during Monday Night Football on Dec. 20, 1999. By the time a follow-up spot ran on the Super Bowl in January 2000, the phrase had entered the lexicon.

Since then, "Whassup?" has risen a couple of times, most recently in February, when Bud and Uber joined for a Canadian Super Bowl spot with voice assistants getting in on the fun:

Whassup Again

The campaign's pandemic resurgence harkens back to simpler times, when wacky phone calls and beer commercials were all some of us had on our minds.

As part of the push, starting April 30, Bud will offer its community the chance to say "Whassup" through interactive activations on its social platforms. The initiative features live chats, video sharing and competitions for exclusive merchandise, free beer and other prizes.


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