Watch Guys Lose Their Pants, '80s Style, for Dude Wipes

Sing along if you feel confident and clean

This might be the year's cheekiest ad so far, as Dude Wipes drops trou and pumps up the CPG commercial parody with a tuneful '80s vibe.

It's all in service of extra-large, flushable wet wipes designed to take the place of conventional toilet paper.

Dude Wipes | Drop Your Drawers

"Drop your drawers!
Get going.
Drop your pants!
Nothing showing.
You feel confident and clean."

"The Dudes' challenge to us was clear: Make Dude Wipes famous," recalls Matt Cragnolin, creative director at Curiosity, which developed the campaign. "In order to do that, had to write the catchiest song about grown adults wiping their bum-bums known to man. Remember the '80s, when a chorus could sing gleefully about confidence and optimism while everyone high-fived each other and gave thumbs ups and it was totally normal and not weird or ironic at all? Well, that's how it feels when you've got an immaculately clean manhole and crispy white undies to boot, thanks to Dude Wipes. So, yeah, we did that."

Method & Madness director Chris Woods channels vintage mentos. If those ads were about heinie hygiene and not breath mints, they'd look just like the :60 above.

"Bringing this idea to life was a trip," Cragnolin tells Muse. "It's not every day you get to work on something like this. So, we went all in and had a blast. Have you ever been in a work meeting called 'Bathe Your Bum Regroup?' Have you ever had to email HR to give them a heads-up that you'd be image-searching nude butts on your work laptop so you could create a side-by-side demo? It was glorious.

Below, you can catch a second spot about relearning how to wipe—surely one of the most pressing issues of these troubled times.

Dude Wipes | Relearning to Wipe

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