VW's New Comedy Series Explains 'The Unwritten Rules of the Road'

Chris Distefano breaks down soft honks, dibs, zipper merges and more

Drivers, please! Learn when to soft honk, never call dibs on a parking spot, and absolutely positively under no circumstances mess up the zipper merge!

Comedian Chris Distefano riffs on "The Unwritten Rules of the Road" in a series of Volkswagen of America spots from Johannes Leonardo dropping this week across digital channels and social media:

The Unwritten Rules of the Road | Honk with Chris Distefano
The Unwritten Rules of the Road | Dibs with Chris Distefano
The Unwritten Rules of the Road | Park Evenly with Chris Distefano
The Unwritten Rules of the Road | Lane Sampler with Chris Distefano

Distefano comes off as a righteously miffed everyman, and he's a fine fit for the sitcom-style material given his tenure on MTV's "lessons"-oriented Guy Code and Girl Code.

Below, in his most ranty installment, Chris explains the nuances of the zipper merge. "It goes: one car, one car, one car, one car," he pleads. "Don't be the jerk who tries to get in there and disrupt the zipper merge!"

Though mildly edgy, Distefano's takes don't rise to Larry David-level whininess. That's a good thing, because no one wants to see a peeved malcontent behind the wheel.

"We knew a quick witted, self-aware comedian would be perfect for these observational quips of life," agency group creative director Jonathan Santana tells Muse. "Chris Distefano's tone is just perfect to deliver these codes that are unsaid, unwritten, just respected and adhered to. Until they're not. And that's where Chris' charismatic comedic style fits just perfectly."

Shot in a single day by Eleanor Pictures director Kelsey Taylor, the spots feature some ad-libs, but "we definitely wrote these with Chris in mind, so a lot of his tone was already reflected in the scripts," says Santana.

VW views the flight as an extension of its "Drive Bigger" platform, and the nameplate invites users to share their personal driving edicts with the hashtag #VWUnwrittenRules.

That's all I have to say about the campaign. It's time for me and Chris to wave goodbye:

The Unwritten Rules of the Road | Thank You Wave with Chris Distefano

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