Volkswagen's Dead Simple Print Ads Show Just How Stupid It Is to Drink and Drive

When intelligence plummets

By definition, most drunk-driving PSAs are exceedingly sober. But here's an exception—a trio of Volkswagen print ads that manage to get their point across cleverly by showing gleeful drunkenness. 

The ads, by DDB Argentina, show people in various states of inebriation doing really stupid things. The implication? You make poor decisions when you're drunk. So, it's probably the worst time to get behind the wheel. 

DDB creative director Juan Mesz tells Muse that the images are stock photos. "They have that sense of realism that we needed, and that sometimes is not easy to achieve at a shoot," he says. "It took us a couple of months to find the right ones. The scouting was fun though." 


Client: Volkswagen
Agency: DDB, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Adrián Piattoni, Facundo Varela
Creative Directors: Juan Mesz, Fernando Zagales
Art Director: Matias Irigoytia
Copywriter: Nicolás Cortese
Additional credits:
Retouching: Dante Rodriguez 
Head of Production: Norberto Bodello (300 Dpi)
Advertiser Supervisor: Ralph Beckmann (Volkswagen)
Producer: Dante Rodriguez (300 Dpi)
Group Account Director: Pablo Grignani (DDB Argentina)
Account Director: Catalina Aumann (DDB Argentina)
Production Company: 300 Dpi, Buenos Aires

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