United Spins 'Love in Plane Sight' for the Festive Season

Six minutes of romance 36,000 feet in the sky

It's Hallmark movie season. At least that's what my t-shirt says.

United's holiday campaign, "Love in Plane Sight," rocks just that vibe, with its meet-cute at an airport during the holidays. That chance bump-in results in spilled coffee on a white sweater and sets a long-form story in motion.

Clocking in at just under six minutes, "Love at Plane Sight" was filmed at Denver International airport and created in-house by United and its production partner, Hidden Content.

Viewers meet Miss Elle Toe, an astronomer who loves the sky and hates explaining why she's still single. After the coffee episode, she winds up seated next to the spiller dude on her flight, of course. His antics annoy, but the pair bond when they entertain a crying baby.

When she finds out his name Sam K. Young, but his friends call him Sky, well folks, that's the cherry on top of their ice cream sundaes. One year later, this pair returns to United, heading to a Honolulu honeymoon.

"It was kind of a no-brainer to create our own version of a holiday rom-com that celebrates and lovingly plays along with all the tropes, while also highlighting the travel experience with United in an organic way," says Maggie Schmerin, United's chief advertising officer.

You'll note cameos by Santa and his elves—who are actual United employees—and subtle nods to the carrier's bag-drop shortcut, sustainable aviation fuel program and sundae cart on long-haul international flights in Polaris business class.

The movie will run on United's social nets, onboard flights, in movie theaters, across Peacock and other digital platforms. There's even a partnership with Bumble. "It’s a rom-com, after all," says Schmerin.

As for fun BTS tidbits, "our Santa was so convincing that families stopped him in the terminal so their babies could sit in his lap and take photos—and this was in April," Schmerin tells Muse.

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