Uber and Wieden + Kennedy Thank the Public for Not Riding

Short film with found footage amplifies social posts

To thank the public for staying indoors and not summoning Ubers during the pandemic, the ride-share company showcases footage from stuck-at-home filmmakers all around the world to craft the message below.

Wieden + Kennedy and production house Prettybird helped develop the 75-second clip. It captures a range of activities and emotions, as we watch diverse folks of all ages cope with the new normal.

Thank You For Not Riding | Uber

At the end, we're advised: "Stay home for everyone who can't. Thank you for not riding with Uber."

"We wanted this to be a PSA with heart—from a company that is synonymous with movement, thanking you for not moving, because right now that helps save lives," Uber vice president of marketing Thomas Ranese tells Muse.

"What we got was a beautiful mix of footage showing how they're adapting, living, distancing and navigating with their families," says W+K senior art director Sara Phillips. "We were in awe at the level of intimacy, creativity and humanity going on indoors during these crazy times."

By turns yearning and hopeful, the work extends themes Uber introduced in a social push last week:

Naturally, ride-hailing has fallen off drastically during the crisis. For its part, Uber has redefined its mission as "helping move what matters" by supporting healthcare workers with free transportation, waiving delivery fees for 100,000 independent restaurants on Uber Eats, providing free meals to first responders and moving supplies with Uber Freight. The company is also supplying millions of free face masks to its drivers.

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