Two Disembodied Brains Share Their Thoughts About Vodafone

With VOXI, we're told, 'The Fun Never Ends'

A pair of immortal, chatty brains floating in jars and sharing their views on Vodafone's VOXI unlimited social media plan ... who'd a thunk it?

These soggy minds headline a short from AMV BBDO London and director Jeff Low. The work zings (and embraces!) social media saturation as the brains indulge in all-too-familiar digital distractions. They even make a viral dance video.

Vodafone Brains

Oddly, they don't wager any quatloos via Paddy Power. (It's a Classic Trek reference! Aways bet on the newcomers!)

"Reviewing the market today, it's clear that the surreal and humorous quadrant was a wide-open space for us," explains Vodafone brand and marketing manager Maria Koutsoudakis. "We also know how important social media access is to this generation, and wanted to celebrate the positive, entertaining, educational and career aspects that it provides."

How would it feel to spend eternity on social media? The spot promises, "The Fun Never Ends." No way! Twitch will have an outage eventually.

As for campaign development, "We thought, who needs unlimited data more than two immortal characters—aka, a pair of formaldehyde brains in jars, keeping each other entertained for all of eternity with endless social content," Mike Kennedy and Sophie Beard, the creative team behind the work, tell Muse. "As a visual, it's quite arresting on its own. Pair that with two distinctive voices and a Gen Z sense of humor. and we hope we're onto a memorable combo."

As it turns out, CGI wasn't required.

"We opted for the more tactile approach of building our brains out of silicone," say Kennedy and Beard. "For two lead actors with no ears or eyes, they took direction particularly well."

Director Low previously filmed weird, jiggly stuff once before, during the 2022 holidays, to hype Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. Dude also delivered great offbeat vibes for Barclaycard and Rustlers.


Client: Vodafone
Brand: VOXI
Campaign title: Immortals
Client name: Maria Koutsoudakis, Jo Wedlock and Sara Belardi
Creative Agency: AMV BBDO
CCO: Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lossgott
Creative Director: Dalatando Almeida and Michael Hughes
Creative Team: Mike Kennedy and Sophie Beard
Strategy Team: David Edwards and Summer Taylor
Account Management Team: Anna Covell, Pink Kitsawat and Sasha Barrett
Project Management Team: Sam Eggleton and Alice Balland
Agency Production Team: Trish Russell, Bertie Murch, Rhiannon Nicol and Joe Sloane
Design Team: Chris Chapman, Javier Auguste, Dan Mead and Dian Sofia
Media Agency: Carat
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Jeff Low
Production Co. Producer: Adam Oyejobi
Post-production Company: Untold Studios
Sound Studio: Wave Studios

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