Travelers Beautifully Tells the Unfinished Stories of Lives Cut Short by Distracted Driving

TBWA\Chiat\Day NY series begins with Philip LaVallee

At the core of the heartbreak around senseless, preventable traffic deaths is the question of what might have been—how a person's life might have unfolded if all that potential hadn't been snuffed out in an instant. Road safety campaigns frequently lean into the emotion of such tragedies, focusing on this true cost of drunk or distracted driving—the loss of everything a victim of such behavior could have experienced in the future. 

Now, Travelers adds to that tradition with "Unfinished Stories," a beautifully crafted campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day New York that uses a mix of real-world interviews and animation to conjure visions of how people killed by distracted drivers might have lived. 

The series starts with "The Route," a story about Philip LaVallee, a track star at South Dakota State University who was killed in 2013 by a distracted driver at age 19. 

See the short film below, which was made with help from animation company Psyop and director Trevor Conrad, and features the song "Limitless" by B-E-L-L-S.

The Route | Phil’s Unfinished Story

"This project has been a labor of love for all of us," says Chris Beresford-Hill, chief creative officer at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York. "Everyone who has participated in the creation has had a deeply emotional experience, and we are honored to share these stories."

More films will launch in the coming weeks, telling the stories of Shreya Dixit, age 19, and Howard Stein, age 61, who were also killed by distracted drivers. Those films will have different animation styles that best capture their stories, the agency says. 

Distracted driving has been a growing problem since the advent of smartphones. Distracted drivers cause nine deaths and over 1,000 injuries every day in the U.S. A slew of PSA campaigns—most famously, AT&T's "It Can Wait"—has attempted to curb the problem. 

Travelers has been committed to addressing the issue in recent years. The Travelers Institute's "Every Second Matters" initiative, a national education campaign launched in 2017, is working to reduce distracted driving while empowering drivers to set positive examples for roadway safety. 


TBWA\Chiat\Day New York
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The Mill
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Song: "Limitless" by B-E-L-L-S
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Live Action Track: Sea Of Love (No Groove)
Artist: Adi Goldstein 
Music Library: FLIKTRAX 

Travelers Insurance Company
Vice President, Advertising & Media: John Morris
Advertising & Branding: Peter Wiggenhauser

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