Tito's Handmade Vodka Rolls With a 'Spokescart'

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This week, Tito's Handmade Vodka launched a brand platform, "With Tito's," and with it comes an adorable spokescart that's reliable, sassy and can even roll on water.

Arts & Letters created four ads starring the spokescart, which gets the job done—putting a cocktail in everyone's hand.

Why drink shower beer when you can soak in the tub with a cocktail?

Bathside Service with Tito's

And who knew rolling on water could be so easy?

Cabana à la Cart with Tito's

Remaining ads include a dog-park party and cozy drinks by the campfire:

Rolling Retriever with Tito's
he Third Wheel with Tito's

"With the magnitude of celebrity-backed brands that are coming to market, we collaborated with our agency to look inwardly at ourselves as a brand," says Taylor Berry, VP of brand marketing at Tito's Handmade Vodka. "Some of the swipe images in A&L's creative presentation sold us on the concept. The idea of an autonomous, anthropomorphic bar cart delivering drinks reminded us of some of the most iconic sidekicks from film and TV. You could practically see its personality jump off the page."

Ads are running on social media, digital video and streaming services.

"When we were shooting the scene by the pool, we had set up plexiglass tracks to achieve the shot of Spokescart gliding across the water," Berry tells Muse. "As we were testing the shot, Spokescart promptly glided right into the water. Thankfully the set crew was there to catch it before it was completely submerged. That little thing is heavy, and it was quite the feat to pull it out of the water."

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