These Sweethearts Candies Are Hard to Read—Like Your Relationship Status

Grab some 'Situationship Boxes' for Valentine's Day

Relationship statuses are hard to define these days. Everything gets blurred around the edges. And hazy in the middle. In that spirit, "Situationship" ranked among Oxford University Press' top words of 2023.

The meaning is broad. It can refer to a casual hook-up or the dependable +1 you bring to events.

Now, Sweethearts candies is leaning into this trend with blurred words and imperfections in its sweet treats. Because love is, after all, so imperfect.

Tombras created a series of limited-edition "Situationship Boxes" ahead of Valentine's Day. Each sells for $6 at starting on Jan. 8.

"Situationships are more common than ever. When it came to celebrating Valentine's Day in 2024, we wanted to do something that could speak to all the people out there in hard-to-read relationships," says Avinash Baliga, ECD of Tombras N.Y. "The candies in a box of Sweethearts have never been perfectly printed, but that's part of what makes them so charming. We decided to embrace those imperfections by turning them into a strength for the brand and a commentary on the blurry feelings that we've all felt in dating."

A video shows how the flawed candies now serve as heroes:

"Our favorite part of this idea is that we didn't have to change anything about our product," Baliga tells Muse. "We took the candies that would've been tossed out and packaged them in a new box that gives them a whole new context and proves that a 100-year-old brand is still as relevant as ever."

Now, get out there and spread some mixed messages! Who knows, it might bring you closer to "fine."


Spangler Candy Company:
Kirk Vashaw - President
Evan Brock - VP, Marketing

Dooley Tombras - President
Jeff Benjamin - Chief Creative Officer
Avi Baliga - Executive Creative Director
Donny Brunner - Creative Director
Christine Petrosky - Associate Creative Director
Brennen Cooke - Associate Creative Director
Ashley Butturini- Chief Client Officer
Reise Kitts - Account Supervisor
Renee Safir - Producer
Adriane Hershey - Sr. Strategist
Morgan Glaub - Social Media Brand Manager

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