These French Diners' Eyes Sure Pop for Popeyes Chicken

Like the brand says, 'It's all in the name'

You know how cartoon characters' eye sometimes pop clear out of their heads? When they see something devastatingly delightful, delicious or divine? Their eyeballs thrust out a few inches, or maybe even a few feet, with a boiiiiing! or aooooga! sound effect?

Popeyes in France made print and OOH ads that are kind of like that. Just a little.

OK, not so much. But they show a range of wildly wide-eyed subjects. Presumably, they're ogling that Louisiana-style fried chicken, overcome with rapturous anticipation.

Some of these folks look stunned, actually. Like: Popeyes opened in France? What happened to our magnifique national cuisine?

Kidding, of course. Soon, we'll all visit Paris for Cajun wings. (And killer chocolate, too.)

Chance, an FCB agency, developed the work, and explains: "As soon as customers discover the size of the chicken pieces and taste them, the reaction is always the same: their eyes pop. This is where the name Popeyes comes into its own."

Ale Burset shot the campaign, tagged, "It's all in the name," with eyes cleverly replacing the back half of the brand's moniker throughout.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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