Thanks to DoorDash Canada, There's Simply No Escape

Still, it's mighty convenient

So, you're seeking a respite from the hassle of boring baby showers, tiresome get-togethers with friends and oh-so-irritating family breakfasts.

Maybe a quick trip to the grocery store would do the trick? Under the pretext of picking up a few badly needed items, perhaps?

Forget about it. Don't even leave your chain. DoorDash Canada delivers, after all.

Just sit there. Wallow in the ennui. It's the age of digital convenience. There's simply no escape.

DoorDash | Baby Shower
DoorDash | Losing Team
DoorDash | Smashed Eggs

Of course, you could just excuse yourself and take a breather upstairs. Or say you need to stretch your legs and take a walk around the block. But let's not overthink it. 

Best to just enjoy the broad, brand-building set pieces that fill each frame, courtesy of agency Hard Work Club and Untitled Films director Francois Lallier.

Fun factoids:

  • The baby shower's "pastel hell" motif was designed as a Stepford Wives homage, we're told. (And the movie does have a famous supermarket scene.)
  • "Pigeons" was chosen as the soccer team name because "it was the most ridiculous mascot the agency could think of." Hard Work's Priya Mistry, stylist Kate Day and production designer Fannie Legrand created the merch and banners.
  • The children at the "Smashed Eggs" table are the director's kids. Apparently, one of them took after dad, shouting "Action!" on set. And never fear: that baby's just a doll, bounced by a crew member standing off camera.

“Radically candid moments where our protagonists are plotting an escape from life and yet met with the convenience of grocery delivery flexes our brand voice into humor, and we are here for it," says DoorDash head of brand and creative Heather Cameron.

"For a brand to be willing to poke a little fun at itself is pretty rare, pretty special," adds Hard Work co-founder/ECD Meghan Kraemer. "The convenience of grocery delivery is so obvious, that it gave us license to turn that positive functional benefit into an absolute negative for our anti-heroes who just want to leave these painfully awkward situations."

The work breaks this week across TV, digital and OOH channels.


Client: DoorDash Canada
Head of Brand & Creative, Canada: Heather Cameron
Head of Marketing, Canada: Carly Steinberg
Senior Manager, Consumer Brand Marketing: Delly Dyer
Senior Manager, Dasher Brand Marketing: Sarah Jue
Senior Manager, Merchant Brand Marketing: Martine English
Graphic Designer: Dustin Cordeiro

Agency: Hard Work Club
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director: Meghan Kraemer
Head of Integrated Production: Monika Ghobrial
Agency Producer: Julie Caniglia
VP Business & Development: Marissa Gladstone
Director of Client Success: Emma Pratt
Director, Project Management: Cecilia Hui
Senior Designer: Priya Mistry
Production Designer & Studio Manager: Amanda Braun

Production Company: Untitled Films
Executive Producer: Lexy Kavluk
Production Service Company: Nova Film
Director: Francois Lallier
Director of Photography: Francois Gamache
Producer: Marie-Lou Bouchard
Editor: Louis Philippe Gagne

Transfer & Online: Studio Feather
Colourist: Kevin Wu
Colour Assistant: Win Gonzales
Executive Producer, Colour: Jacklyn Morga
Online Artist: Julian van Mil
Online Assistant: Huan Le Vu Cong
Compositors: Andrew Rolfe, Diego Dutra, Mike Morley
Head of VFX: Colin Cunningham
Executive Producer: Emily Goldberg

Audio: SNDWRx
Creative Director: Didier Tovel
Audio Engineers: Alex Gluch, Michael Henley, Colin Brown

Casting: Mann Casting
Casting Directors: Sarah Sheps, Steven Mann
French Casting: Brigitte Viau

Social Media & Influencer Amplification: ruckus Digital
Jennifer Stein, SVP
Kenneth Evans, Managing Partner
Kaitlin Blackburn, Director
Leah Howitt, Digital Strategist

Media Agency: Wavemaker
Managing Director, Client Leadership: Sandra Cardoso
Director, Media: Laura DeGrace
Associate Director, Media: Anthony Visconti
Client Business Manager: Emma Lasagna
Senior Media Planner: Anastasiia Nikolaeva
Assistant Media Planner: Kerina McMorris

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