Steve From Blue's Clues Has a F***load of Fun in Campaign for Flock Freight

Maximum Effort adds color to the supply chain

If you didn't know much about the supply chain pre-2020, Covid certainly helped educate you on its importance. Still, unanswered questions remain. And Steve Burns is on the case.

The actor, who solved weekly mysteries in the '90s as the host of Nick Jr.'s Blue's Clues, now tackles supply chain questions—like how much is a fuckload?—with the help of Flock Freight. "Define Your Load," a campaign from Maximum Effort, gets down to measuring the lengths of fuckload and its smaller, distant cousin, shitload.

In his quest for answers, Burns sits down with a Flock Freight exec in a 60-second to learn more:

Quantifying A Load | Steve Burns Investigates | Flock Freight

A fuckload is anywhere from 40 feet and beyond, while shitloads measure anything less than that, allowing multiple shitloads to share one shipping truck and save, perhaps, a shitload of money?

"Truckload, fuckload, They rhyme. That's neat," says Burns.

"I wouldn't say we were looking for edgy," says Orlando Baeza, CMO at Flock Freight. "But we also don't take ourselves too seriously either. For example, our onboarding program is called Flock U—so we enjoy a good pun here. From our first conversation [with Maximum Effort], we could feel the creative chemistry between us. And that chemistry and collaboration was there all the way throughout."

In a second video, Burns speaks with a Flock Freight warehouse employee and it's "Fucking Efficient."

F**king Efficient | Steve Burns Investigates | Flock Freight

As you can see, the F word returns and Burns gives us supply-chain novices a better breakdown on how the flock Flock Freight works.

"We knew we wanted to infuse humor and accessibility into the brand and industry, which to many seems dense and complex to get into," Baeza tells Muse. "What we thought would be perfect for this concept was the ability to lean into the parody, and the Blue's Clues to 'investigative journalist' leap was one we knew Steve could pull off. And Steve is so revered and loved by multiple generations, we knew he'd be well received. Then you add the novelty of the language involved coming from Steve, and we knew we had something special."

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