Sleep Tight on Halloween, Kids. There's Probably No Monster Beneath That Ikea Bed

Assuaging fears even as it stokes them

Just in time for Halloween, Ikea's dropped "Monsters Not Included" by Ogilvy's Berlin and U.K. offices. It's unfussy, making good use of lighting—and the anxiety-inducing absence of illumination—not to mention the tweaky or eerily hollow instrumentals that lead to jump scares.

The first ad in the set is a promo for the Släkt bedframe ... though we wouldn't mind copping one of those soothing bubble lamps, too:

The spot second is for the Småstad wardrobe:

We like the comedic tension here, assuaging fears even as it stokes them. As a responsible company, Ikea can pretty much only promise that monsters don't come with the furniture. Once it's at your house, though...

Just keep a nightlight handy. 

"Monsters Not Included" went live in Germany and the U.K. this month. The films are supported by outdoor and print. One of the latter, for Majgull curtains, appears below.


Chief Creative Officer (EMEA): Dr. Stephan Vogel
Chief Creative Officer (Germany): Dora Osinde
Global Executive Creative Director (UK): Daniel Fisher
Executive Creative Director (Germany): Felipe Galiano, Matt Longstaff
Global Creative Director (UK): Juliana Paracencio
Senior Copywriter (Germany): Rafael Quintal
Senior Art Director (Germany): Cheryl Lee
Senior Designer (UK): Laurence Blake
Senior Arabic Writer (UAE): Karim Sherif
Client Service Director (Germany): Melina Boelen
Hogarth Post Production Executive Producer (Germany): Meike Sinemus
Video Editor (Germany): Dominik Bull

Production Company: Flying Eye Studio
Director: Marcello Amora

Music: DaHouse
Music Supervisor: Wonder Bettin, Lucas Mayer, Silvio Erne
SFX: Wonder Bettin
Executive Producer: Cassiano Derenji

Color Grading: Basis Berlin
Colorist: Pippo Color

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