Ryan Reynolds and the Fyre Festival Guy Made an Aviation Gin Ad That Doesn't Suck

The perfect surprise cameo

Something funny's going down here.

An amusing new minute-long spot for Aviation Gin pairs Ryan Reynolds with Andy King, who helped produce the disastrous Frye Festival in 2017. 

As you might recall, King became meme-tastic after disclosing in Netflix's Frye documentary that he agreed to perform oral sex on a customs agent so that shipments of Evian water would be allowed into the event. (In the end, he never actually had to perform the deed, but his willingness to do so shot him to unlikely stardom.) 

Most of the commercial focuses on Reynolds, who holds a stake in Aviation, as he blows molten glass into a limited-edition bottle and says stuff like, "How far would you go for your company? It's a question I ask myself every day." 


As Reynolds blows … and blows … and blows … his narration continues: "When Aviation recently suggested making a signature bottle, I committed to blowing every single bottle—personally. And then engraving them by hand. Because, can you ever really go too far for your company?" 

King, a human punchline, gets the last word during the … climax. It's a decent delivery, nicely timed. (In other words, he doesn't blow it.) 

There's a Father's Day tie-in, with the brand pitching Reynolds' bottles as gifts. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Exuma Foundation for those in the Bahamas who were harmed by the festival. 


Director • DP • Editor: Bryan Rowland
Writers: Ryan Reynolds, George Dewey
Art Director: Kelly Girth
Production Company (U.S.): Escape Velocity
Producer: Alec Eskander
Production Company (Croatia): Bunker Production
Producer: Kras Gancev

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