Richard Linklater Made a Wonderful Ad Questioning Ted Cruz's Toughness

Another winner in a lively season for attack ads

Few midterms elections have seemed as weighty as this one, and it's produced no shortage of memorable politics ads to match. 

The latest majestic :30 comes from Texas filmmaker Richard Linklater, who has produced a series of spots for a super PAC working to unseat Senator Ted Cruz. The spot stars actor Sonny Carl Davis, who resurrects his no-nonsense character from Linklater's 2011 film Bernie to question Cruz's campaign slogan, "Tough as Texas." 

Check out the spot here: 

Is Ted Cruz 'Tough as Texas'?

It's about as comical and entertaining as attack ads get—a good thing for Cruz's challenger, Beto O'Rourke, who isn't exactly known as an attack dog. 

The Texas Tribune reports that this is the "first in a series of ads" directed by Linklater for FTC PAC, which is sending viewers to the website to learn more. Linklater and Davis both volunteered their time for the project, the Tribune says. 

Other notable attack ads this season include a spot from a Minnesota congressional candidate starring Bigfoot, who is searching for the incumbent opponent; and an attack ad in which six siblings of a Phoenix congressman plead with viewers not to vote for their horrible brother. 

See those spots below. 

We Found Bigfoot! — Dean Phillips for Congress MN-03
A Family Defends Its Honor
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