Richard Branson and Ryan Reynolds Sail Together in Virgin Voyages Ad

Aviation Gin is now on board all cruises

Ryan Reynolds pretends to forget how many children he has, and Richard Branson pretends to storm off the set, in a fun spot piping the former's Aviation Gin aboard the latter's Virgin Voyages cruise line.

Sir Richard talks up the amenities, including Virgin's "no kids" policy, but Reynolds can't believe his ears.

"I'm actually not joking," Branson insists.

"No, you're just being mean, that's what you're doing!" Reynolds retorts.

Aviation's Virgin Voyage

"Does the no-kids deal extend after the cruise?" Reynolds quips near the end.

Just two mega-successful, ultra-rich dudes shootin' the shit while the cameras roll, talkin' up luxe travel after nearly two years of the pandemic taking its toll on the industry.

"My childhood dream was to have a guest role on The Love Boat alongside Vic Tayback," Aviation co-owner Reynolds—fresh off his viral voiceover gig for Peloton—says in press materials. "Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be successful enough to have my own gin brand score a recurring role on a ship this deliriously luxurious and child-free."

Dropping today, the ad follows this 2018 outing with the pair, hyping Aviation's status as the exclusive gin aboard Virgin Atlantic flights.

Who knows how high their collaboration will climb, but surely oceans and airways can't be the final frontier?

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