RE/MAX's Emotional New Ad Tells an Intergenerational Family's Story

Camp+King crafts brand's long-form piece

RE/MAX is tugging on heart strings with "The Right Agent Can Lead the Way" campaign. Created by Camp+King and directed by Cole Webley, a three-minute video—the brand's first foray into longform—is the crux of the campaign. And it's predictable and emotional in all the good ways.

A multi-generation family lives under one roof in "All Together." Space is tight, but Grandma and Grandpa relish meal times with their daughter and son-in-law and helping the grandchildren with homework. But the writing's on the wall, or in this case, a ding from a RE/MAX agent; the perfect new home has been found! The fam piles into the car to see the new digs. Grandma and Grandpa put on a happy face but they're sad at the thought of being empty-nesters again. But will they be?

RE/MAX 2022 | All Together (Long Form)

There's also a pair of :30s that focus on the work and preparation from RE/MAX agents to help families find "the one."

RE/MAX 2022 | Hustle
RE/MAX 2022 | Front Door

"A longer-form film allows us to tell a deeper, more emotionally resonant story and is something we've wanted to explore for some time," says Abby Lee, SVP of marketing and communication at RE/MAX. "While this story has the ability to flex across different lengths, to feel what the characters are experiencing and really invest in our family, you need more time and space to step into their shoes. By going deeper on a single story, we're able to show the pivotal role a RE/MAX agent plays in the home-buying journey—and help viewers understand that their expertise is the reason this family is able to find what they're looking for."

The longform version of "All Together" can be found on RE/MAX's YouTube page. Edited versions, plus "Front Door" and "Hustle," are running on TV, Hulu, Facebook and Instagram.

"Home has always meant a lot, but the pandemic has heightened its importance," Mike Reiner, senior copywriter at Camp+King, tells Muse. "We wanted this year's campaign to reflect the different feelings that come with buying or selling—from jittery anticipation to pure joy. 'All Together' homes in on the range of feelings which accompany a search for that next home, 'Front Door' captures the feeling of finding 'the one,' and 'Hustle' elevates the feeling of pride RE/MAX agents take in their work."


Katie Burleson - Art Director
Mike Reiner - Sr. Copywriter
Jesse Dillow - ECD
Justin Lee - Sr. Producer
Emily Dillow - Director of Brand
Carly Ringler - Brand Supervisor
Hunter Hadfield - Sr. Editor
Sally Kallet - Associate Director of Strategy 

Abby Lee - Senior VP of Marketing
Stuart Ketelson - VP Media Strategies
James Schwartz - VP of Marketing
Shawn Brady - ACD

Sanctuary Content
Preston Lee - EP / Owner
Kristen Bedard-Johnson - EP
Noah Thomason - EP
Chris Cho - Line Producer
Jon Lee - Prod Supervisor
Pie-Lynn Juang - Asst. Prod Supervisor
Paul Meyers - DP
Marc Vance - 1st AD
Jonas Sappington - Prod Designer
Sarah Lowe - Wardrobe Stylist
Mira Cho - Hair & Makeup
Jodi Gleave - Hair & Makeup
Chris Reddish - Gaffer
Ron Nix - Key Grip
Rumi Ali - Sound Mixer
Sean McAllister - VTR
Samantha Mitchell - Location Manager
Jai Shukla - Editor (NOMAD)
Laura O-Shea - Producer (NOMAD)
Victor Magro - Music Composer (Future Perfect)
Maxwell Gosling - Producer (Future Perfect)
Joaby Deal - Sound Design / Mix Engineer (One Union)
Daniel De Vue - Colorist (Primary Color)

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