For This Real Estate Platform, Everything's a Door

Opendoor's policy: Opportunities knock

Don't be fooled by the stuff displayed in Venables Bell & Partners' latest campaign for e-commerce residential real estate platform Opendoor. At first glance, ads appear to show tin cans, casseroles, ellipses zipping across a phone screen, drum kits, coffee, balloons and portraits of dogs.

But rest assured, these are, in fact ... doors. That tin can? It's a door. Those tom-toms? They're doors. Fido? Furry dude's a door, too.

Dubbed "This Is a Door," the work suggests that opportunities can knock in unexpected ways, with virtually anything serving as a portal to life's next chapter.

"The real estate industry has historically sold an unattainable dream of picket fences and perfectly manicured lawns," says Opendoor VP, marketing David Corns. "The reality is, people move when they are making a transition in life." 

"Whether you're getting married, having a baby, adopting a pet, or starting a new job—these moments of progress change how and where you need to live," he says. "'This Is a Door' shows how the often emotional and stressful life decisions that need to be made can be simple, certain and fast—with Opendoor."

These :15s don't overstay their welcome, and that brevity should help sell the concept as spots drop across TV and digital channels this week. Yes, it's a stretch, but something different in the space—an open door, as it were, for generating excitement as the market faces uncertainty.

You can watch more doors open below.


David Corns, VP of Marketing
Allie Cote, Senior Director, Head of Marketing Strategy
Lauren West, Director, Head of Marketing Content
Tirza DiOro, Marketing Lead, Brand Content
Scarlett Winningham, Senior Marketing Manager, Media & Content
Nicole Arena, Senior Marketing Lead, Brand Media
Stefanie Yan, Senior Marketing Manager, Brand Media

Venables Bell 
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