Special K Puts Pregnant Molly Baz on a Limited-Edition Box

To celebrate and empower women

Well, this should open some eyes in the morning.

Celebrity chef and cookbook scribe Molly Baz posed while 39 weeks pregnant for a limited-edition Kellogg's Special K box. It's part of the brand's "Special for a Reason" campaign developed with Leo Burnett, designed to celebrate and empower women.

"Cereal got me through pregnancy in a very real way," Baz says. "And as a diehard Special K girlie, and longtime customer, it is an honor to be given the opportunity to design my own Special K box alongside my husband."

She adds: "I'm thrilled to use this moment as a billboard and platform where we can celebrate the mind-blowing miracle of pregnancy and motherhood that is happening around us all and is nothing short of a dream come true."

Fans can buy the boxes here, or by clicking links in Special K's Instagram and TikTok feeds. As part of the effort, Special K will make a donation to global nonprofit Women’s United.

While surely not as culturally charged as pregnant women first appearing on magazine covers a generation ago, Baz's foray is creating lots of buzz.

Such interest suggests the need for women to keep breaking barriers; their rights, sadly, remain in the crosshairs.

From a pure branding perspective, unlike most days on planet Earth, people are talking about Special K. For a few minutes, at any rate.

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