Potholes and Other Cavities, Filled Nicely With Pot Noodle

adam&eveDDB calls attention to U.K.'s pothole crisis

Potholes are ravaging roads across the U.K. So, Pot Noodle comes to the rescue!

As bizarre as that sounds, the brand has taken a stance on the pothole dilemma with an offbeat campaign tagged, "Nothing Fills a Hole Like Pot Noodle."

The video, print, social media and OOH initiative finds the product itself filling a bevy of holes—in birdhouses, bowling balls, mailboxes and washing machines. Plus snooker tables. And miniature golf course, too. The work draw attention to the widening crisis in the Britain—which could take billions in taxpayer funds and a decade to fix.

Keep that in mind as you listen to the slurp! when rubber meets noodle:

Pot Noodle | Nothing Fills A Hole Like Pot Noodle

"The unenlightened believe that Pot Noodle 'isn’t real food,'" says Richard McGrann, creative director at adam&eveDDB. "So we needed to show them that Pot Noodle is the superior way to fill their stomachs. Hot, tasty and ridiculously satisfying noodles ready in just four minutes. What could be better?"

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Digital ads on vans will run throughout Surrey, Essex and Northamptonshire, areas rife with potholes and home to Rod Stewart and Mr Pothole, two anti-pothole crusaders.

"It was a bit of a scramble to capture 11 scenes in different locations in just two days, but everyone pulled together," McGrann tells Muse. "If you can't have fun glueing Pot Noodles into ceilings and bowling balls, when can you?"


Client: Unilever 
Brand: Pot Noodle 
Project/Campaign name: Nothing Fills a Hole Like Pot Noodle 

Client, General Manager Foods (Nutrition): Andre Burger 
Client, Marketing Director: Georgina Bradford 
Client, Marketing Manager: Shannon Lennon-Smith 

Chief Creative Officer: Richard Brim
Creative Director: Mark Shanley
Copywriter: Richard McGrann
Art Director: Andy Clough
Social Creative: Judith Tulkens
Joint Head of Integrated Production: Sally Pritchett
Agency Producer: Sophie Fletcher, Amy Simmons 
Senior Planner: Liora Ingram
Junior Planner: Lucy Wilson 
CEO: Tammy Einav
Managing Partner: Tom White
Account Directors: Max Sullivan & Hugo Evans
Project Director: Rasha Noronha
Head of Design: Paul Knowles (KH)
Head of CGI (Retouch) : Charlie Townsend (KH)
Senior Creative Artworker/Studio Manager: Dave Callow (KH)
Creative Artworker: Sam Harris (KH)
Head of Digital Production: James Brown (c&a)
Senior Interactive Designer: Adrian Baker (c&a)
Motion Producer: Rebecca Hunnybun (c&a)
Graphic/Print Producer: Tony Hutton (c&a)
Junior Motion Creator: Honor Northridge (c&a)
Design Director: Adrian Barker (c&a)
Content Director: Dan Boulton (c&a)
Assistant Producer: Jake Parker (c&a)

Media agency: Mindshare UK
Business Director: Tess Domenet
Account Manager: Nathan Hope
Account Executive: Megan Wieland

Senior Account Director: Rikul Sudra

PR agency: W Communications 
Campaign Director: Grace Jackson
Associate Creative Director: John Wilkinson 
Associate Director: Jess O’Donoghue
Account Director: Paige Hartley 
Senior Account Executive: Ella Bull

Production company: Academy Films 
Photographer: Frederick Paxton
EP /Head of Photography: Charlotte Long
Producer: Aidan Brooks
1st Assistant/Digi Op: Simon Wellignton
Production Manager: Daragh McCann
Production Assistant: Dara Phillips 
Runner: Luca Visockaite
Runner: Tai Carter

Audio Producer: Ethan Day 
Audio Creative Director: Dan Beckwith

Colourist: Kai Van Beers
2D: Chrys Aldred
Senior Producer: Charlotte Griffin

Composer: Jon Clarke
Producer: Sian Rogers
Production Assistant: Chris Christoforou

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