Planters' Baby Nut Sure Grew Up Fast. He's turned 21 Already!

So, it's time for a sweepstakes 'Shellebration'

It's nuts how fast kids grow up these days. And this baby's a real boomer!

The Super Bowl took place six months ago. But it feels like forever since Baby Nut sprouted during this Planters big-game commercial from VaynerMedia. Who could forget how the little legume rose from the earth after Kool-Aid Man's tears fell on Mr. Peanut's grave? (We had, frankly.) Mr. P. had perished in a Nutmobile crash during an earlier ad, sacrificing his life to save Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh. (He was 104. He'd lived a full life.)

Anyway, "time moves fast in peanut years," according to Planters, and Baby Nut recently "hit a magical growth spurt," emerging as a 21-year-old wearing a baseball cap:

Planters | Peanut Jr. 21st Birthday - Bar Wisdom Part 1

Now, "Peanut Jr. wants to help others who missed out on parties these past few months and give them a birthday they'll always remember," Planters says. 

So, Vayner developed a contest. Three fans 21 or older can win $2,100 by describing their dream birthday gift in 10 words or fewer with tweets tagged #MakeMyBirthdayNuts and #Sweepstakes. The competition runs through Aug. 24.

The NutMobile, back from the shop and roasting on all cylinders after that little mishap that cost a giant monocoled mascot its life, will deliver $2,100 to each grand-prize winner.

"Whether they spend their birthday winnings on a personal-sized backyard pool, a bean bag chair, or a bunch of mixed nuts, it's sure to be a nutty celebration," Planters says. 

At one point in the press materials, they spell it "shellebration." Just thought you should know. 


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