Pinterest Says: Make the Cat Bigger. C'mon, BIGGER!

There's a Cowboy Carter spoof, too

A titanic tabby sporting a knit cap, lounging among hills made of wool. 

For some, that's a sweet dream. Presumably. And such imagery abounds in fresh spots from Pinterest. 

Fanciful in the extreme, the work portrays "journeys of discovery, where users can tap into their most creative selves and dare to dream big, then do big," the brand says.

Here's the colossal kitty:

Pinterest | Whatever You're Into

Yeah, cats are big on the internet.

Intended as a B2B push with broad appeal, spots break today from Pinterest's in-house team and Iconoclast directing duo Alaska (Gustavo Moraes and Marco Laver).

They rock impressive effects, packing quirky visual energy that feels in sync with Pinterest's USP and its community members seeking inspiration, commerce and kinship.

This voyage down the rabbit hole—featuring campy merch and nods to pop culture—channels Lewis Caroll and 2001: A Space Odyssey through thrift-shop aesthetics:

Pinterest | Find Your Aesthetic

Yeah, cat clocks are big on the internet, too.

"We saw an opportunity to tap into the unique personalization Pinterest has to offer," says Xanthe Wells, VP of global creative. "Pinterest thrives in what we like to call the 'magic middle'—the space where people are free to discover and shape their own unique identities, then make them real. That extends beyond searching and saving, and into shopping."

And finally, spangled spoofery inspired by one of the year's biggest albums:


Yee-haw! Actor Time Winters delivers the campaign's wry narration.

Wells recalls, "At first, we thought the narrator should be someone like Helen Mirren—someone whose voice had gravitas but would also sound ridiculous and funny when they'd have to say things like, 'Maybe even start a global cat-hat corporation.'"

"We ended up getting a gazillion demos of different British talent, and Time was in that first batch. He completely got the joke and nailed all of the scripts right off the bat, with no direction."

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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