Philips, Droga5 Simplify Your Caffeine Dream

That's one easy-peasy espresso machine

Coffee blended with yak butter? Make mine a double!

Folks seeking a simpler caffeine fix, however, might want to check out Philips' latest campaign for its new Baristina espresso machine.

Yes, it's a riff on coffee culture. And we've seen lots of that for years. But this one's got a yak and a silly scene where java pods explode from a kitchen cabinet.

Object and Animal's Filip Nilsson directed, with Droga5 brewing the approach for a global audience.

It's all about "a new coffee movement." That line can be interpreted sophomorically. Still, it's cheeky and memorable. And coffee makers have become overly complex. So, truth in advertising drips through.

"This product speaks for itself—genuinely amazing barista style coffee that doesn't require a science degree." says Shelley Smoler, CCO at Droga5 London. "Except it doesn't literally speak for itself, so we put some words to it. Great coffee has been democratised and is finally available to one and all."

If such machines did speak, they'd surely berate us anyway. In HAL 9000 style.

The campaign launches this week in France with more worldwide markets to follow.

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