With the 'Other Hand,' Cheetos Leaves Its Messy Mark

Digital vids, OOH and Jamal Murray

In ads breaking today, Cheetos maintains that 99 percent of folks eat the snack with their dominant hand. The implications for society are frightening!

The "Other Hand"—often still holding the bag—gets up to all sorts of mischief. In the kitchen. At police HQ. While baking. Even on the football field and during plastic surgery. (It's all entirely SFW—get your minds out of the gutter, people!)

Cheetos | The Other Hand

In fairness, we don't know how the guy looked before his nose job. Maybe this is an improvement.

Yeah, the premise is a stretch. But it's advertising. Don't think about it too hard. Why think at all?  Just roll with the joke. Which the PepsiCo brand delivers with considerable messy, memorable aplomb.

The video was cute. OOH, print and stunts—all from Goodby Silverstein & Partners—similarly shine.

Um, don't eat Cheetos or anything while driving, OK? (Note how it ended in a crash. There's a lesson there).

On the celebrity front, NBA star Jamal Murray engages in some high-five humor courtesy of Ketchum:

Cheetos | Jamal Murray

"Cheetos fans everywhere know the feeling when they need to get things done but their fingers are covered in that beloved orange Cheetle dust," says Tina Mahal, SVP of marketing, PepsiCo Foods N.A. "Instead of putting the Cheetos bag down, they try out their 'Other Hand,' and things often go hilariously wrong."

"This campaign is an ode to the fans who will do anything for their favorite snack. We're showing the world that it's okay to use your Other Hand and embrace the mess."

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