Oregon Says If You Don't Stay Home, You Could Wind Up a Killer

Tough stuff in COVID-19 campaign from W+K

Wieden + Kennedy Portland doesn't pull any punches in this sobering COVID-19 campaign for the state of Oregon.

Devised with Gov. Kate Brown's office, the Oregon Health Authority and public health partners, a series of posters, social posts and broadcast spots employ headlines such as "Don't accidentally kill someone," urging local residents to "Stay home. Save lives."

Portland, or course, is famed for its quirky sensibilities, and this next ad acknowledges such traits while reminding folks that lives are on the line:

This :30, in a similar vein to the one above, explains coronavirus statistics in human terms as increasingly disconcerting hospital-device sounds play in the background:


A second spot salutes first responders, medical personnel, delivery people and other essential heroes of the pandemic via black-and-white photos from the front lines. "They're out there for you," the ad says. "Stay home for them."


Before locking down the state, Gov. Brown initially came under fire from Oregon mayors and others for her initial handling of the crisis. W+K's pointed approach reflects the stark reality of the situation as municipalities struggle to "flatten the curve" of infection so thousands of citizens don't contract the disease at once and overwhelm their hospital systems.

"We created this campaign with the governor because we don't want to look back and wish we had done more," agency executive creative directors Jason Bagley and Eric Baldwin say in a statement. "This campaign provides clarity and conviction around what staying at home means—and how we all have a role to play to help our community."

"As the newly released modeling has shown, we know that if Oregonians continue practicing social distancing measures, we can give our health care system time to ramp up and get ready to meet the serious threat COVID-19 poses to Oregon," adds Patrick Allen, director of the Oregon Health Authority. "It's important for Oregonians to remain vigilant through this crisis and continue to stay home for all those who must be outside for them."

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