The Wild West Gets a Whole Lot Softer With Hanes

From those cowpokes at The Martin Agency

Howdy, partner. Nice underpants.

Hanes and The Martin Agency send up Wild West tropes in a most revealing campaign that breaks over the weekend.

In the :90 below, director Joseph Kahn—renowned for Taylor Swift videos—juxtaposes gritty cowboy imagery with contemporary, colorful briefs, bras and boxers.

The work's dubbed "The Great Softening," which fits the stylized, titillating, tongue-in-cheek vibe.

Hanes | The Great Softening

"The clip helps differentiate Hanes from competitors with an easy humor that defines how accessible the brand is," Kahn explains. “Underwear can be a tricky product to sell, and we break through the awkwardness by embracing and celebrating it. Yet the ad takes the product seriously through high production value and aesthetics. The commercial reflects the product: relatable, stylish, and state of the art."

Sounds like happy trails ahead. Yee-haw!

"The Great Softening" debuts during the NCAA college hoops playoffs on CBS, Tru, TBS and TNT, with support across social, digital and influencer platforms.

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