Old Spice Dishes Up Frothy Fun as 'Men Have Skin Too' Returns

La La Anthony makes a splash

Would you let hotel soap near your skin?

Deon Cole and Gabrielle Dennis, stars of Old Spice's popular "Men Have Skin Too" campaign, sure won't. They prefer the brand's body wash, and so does their latest special guest—actress and TV host La La Anthony—in one of two fresh commercials from Wieden+Kennedy Portland:

Brunch | Old Spice

Deon and Gabby kill in this campaign. Cole can't stop being funny. He's pure fire delivering lines like "Now I'm gonna look ashy," as Dennis plays the perfect unrepentant foil, usurping his Old Spice without permission.

Anthony's cameo echoes previous "Men Have Skin Too" appearances from Patti LaBelle and Nia Long, while Emmy nominee Dime Davis's brisk, sitcom-y direction serves the bubbly material well.

Here's a second new spot, sans Anthony, focused on shampoo, with Deon getting his sudsy comeuppance in the shower:

Cold | Old Spice

It's likable stuff with broad appeal, driven by great co-star chemistry. The vibe harkens back to Polaroid's iconic James Garner-Mariette Hartley ads of yore, but with a modern sensibility.

"Since the campaign's inception, we've prioritized the depiction of relatable multicultural couples in a way not normally seen in traditional advertising," says Matt Krehbiel, the Procter & Gamble VP who oversees Old Spice. "This principle is evident through each chapter by partnering with multicultural creatives and talent to authentically illustrate stories."

Over the summer, working with Plan C Agency and filmmaker Clayton Tony Au, the brand cast Ross Butler in this ad designed to resonate with Asian audiences, which generated nearly 2.8 million views on YouTube alone.


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