OkCupid Salutes America's VILFs, Who Make Voting Sexy

Mischief campaign includes loads of hot merch

You already knew voting was sexy (as Katy Perry nakedly reminded us during the 2016 election). Now, OkCupid has given voters a snappy new nickname—VILFs, which is short for, well, you know—in a new campaign from Mischief @ No Fixed Address.

The dating site is bringing the VILF to life with all sorts of hot branded merchandise, including condoms, lawn signs, button pins, stickers, T-shirts and bags. There's also an influencer makeup tutorial (launching next week) on how to look hotter—by voting, of course. And check out this mock attack ad about a hot dude who doesn't vote, and so can't be a VILF.

Be a #VILF

"OkCupid was thrilled to partner with Mischief for one of the most important moments of the decade," says Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer at OkCupid. "Practicing your right to vote is the biggest turn-on to OkCupid singles today, which is why we launched our Voter 2020 badge this month. Now, we're using VILF to bring it to life and encourage singles across the nation to register and vote this November, because there's nothing sexier than exercising your rights to vote."

More than 115,000 OkCupid users have added the Voter 2020 badge to their profiles. The site says voters are 85 percent more likely to have someone message them on the app and 63 percent more likely to get a match. 

"Is the act of voting inherently super hot? Maybe not. Are you far less attractive if you don't? Of course. This campaign celebrates all the VILFs out there doing their hot, sexy civic duty," say Bianca Guimaraes and Kevin Mulroy, co-executive creative directors at Mischief. 

Here's some more data from an OkCupid survey: Registered voters are more likely to see compassion as a sign of strength; rate their self-confidence as higher than average; find intelligence sexier than looks; think foreplay is necessary for good sex; be more open with their feelings; and like beer. 

Some 76 percent of OkCupid respondents said how their date leans politically is very important; 73 percent of those who identify as women on the app are overwhelmingly leaning Democrat, compared to 57 percent of those who identify as males; and 90 percent of millennial respondents are registered voters, compared to 83 percent of Gen Z respondents. 

So, on Nov. 3, exercise your right to "f*ck people, not America."


Brand: OkCupid
Melissa Hobley, Chief Marketing Officer at OkCupid
Devin Colleran, Senior Brand Manager at OkCupid
Jane Reynolds, Associate Director of Product Marketing at OkCupid
Michael Kaye, Global Communications & PR Manager at OkCupid

Creative agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Greg Hahn, Cofounder and CCO 
Bianca Guimaraes, Executive Creative Director
Kevin Mulroy, Executive Creative Director 
Ryan Dzur, Associate Creative Director 
Sam Cote, Associate Creative Director 
Nōd McFall, Junior Creative
Kerry McKibbin, President 
Jeff McCory, Chief Strategy Officer
Oliver McAteer, Director of Development
Will Dempster, VP Content / Producer

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