Oh Baby! Evian's 'Mountain of Youth' Is Awash in Whimsy

From BETC Paris and Henry Scholfield

Evian depicts the Alpine source of its mineral water as a fantastical winter wonderland known as the "Mountain of Youth."

The inhabitants are called "Evianers" (hey, why not?) and they camouflage themselves in whimsical ways—as ice formations, frozen trees, rocks, yetis—to avoid detection by an intrepid explorer.

In the end, they leave him a gift...

Evian | Mountain of Youth

It's a bottle of Evian. 

Um, thanks. You got a sandwich to go with that? It's a long trek back to camp!

BETC Paris and ace music video director Henry Scholfield created an impressive glacial world that calls to mind Rankin-Bass holiday specials—but with product placements. Pharrell Williams' "Joy" provides the suitably smooth soundtrack.

"I loved how this concept is actually an excellent life philosophy, 'Live Young!,' cleverly disguised as a brand campaign," Scholfield says in press materials. "I wanted this irreverence and joie de vivre to come to life in each of our depictions of their world, from what they do to what they wear, while capturing the spirit of the 'Mountain of Youth,' and its inhabitants, who are a lotta bit mischievous and a little bit wild."

As wild as babies playing tennis? No sign of the brand's iconic infants here. Wah?

Kidding aside, it's a crisp, artful effort, visually slick, a tad OTT and really quite charming.

Evian sought to impart a sense of "French chic and unconventional flair," says David Borowiec, senior global director at brand parent Danone.

"We hope the 'Mountain of Youth' will help Evian achieve its purpose of inspiring people to live young—embracing a rejuvenating, youthful lifestyle, no matter your age."

Along with the TV, the global push features OOH, print and digital assets.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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