Oatly Put an Ad Inside an Ad Inside an Ad Inside an Ad Inside an Ad Inside an Ad Inside an Ad Inside an Ad Inside an Ad

Surely the most meta ad ever?

Oatly goes to great lengths to be playful in its advertising, sometimes literally so. But its newest advertisement—which is, more accurately, nine ads in one—is a meta campaign of the highest order.

Check out this Instagram post from this morning:


A post shared by Oatly (@oatly)

This is certainly one of the most entertaining Instagram videos of an internal meeting about a mural showing a newspaper ad about a mobile truck ad showing a video of an organ-playing woman singing in front of a billboard that shows another social media post showing a boat billboard showing a bus stop ad for an oat drink that we've seen.

Does this story count as ad number 10? When will the madness end?

“We've posted 'meta' posts before—for example, by posting a photo of an Oatly billboard as a Facebook post. This time we thought it would be interesting to do a meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta post,” says Kevin Lynch, creative director at Oatly.

The campaign was executed in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.


Oatly Department of Mind Control
Lisen Axelsson, Production Manager
Oskar Pernefeldt, Art Director
Jennie Östholm, Project Manager
Kevin Lynch, Creative Director
Josefine Nordgren, Project Manager
Juliana Amaral, Media Strategist
Sarah Sutton, Global Media Director
Linnea Nordström, PR Manager
Anni Tjebbes, Project Manager Social Media
Sara Hansson, Social Media and Commercial Project Manager
Emma Bratthäll, Social Media Manager
Michael Lee, Creative & Strategic Director
Julia Kemp, Community Manager
Steven Tol, Marketing Manager
Isabel de Jounge, Graphic Designer

Production Crew
Roché Wong, Director
Seretse Fulani, DP / Stills Photography
Studio IOIA, Art Direction
Tara Bisoen Gaffer (Studio lighting)Ramona Marroquin, Styling
Faisa Sontodimedjo, Make up
Yannieck Heide, PA
@karskione, Graffiti Artist
Sjoerd Dekker, Editor
Randy Reyes, VFX
Matthias Stoopman, Colorist
Niels den Otter, Soundmix

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