No One Else Can Be Your Mom, Teleflora Reminds You in Amusing Ad for Mother's Day

That would just be awkward

We all need a little love from Mom every once in a while. 

After all, a mother's unbridled affection and caring, her selfless devotion and kind words, can turn gray skies to blue, flip frowns upside down, and various other clichés. 

But … what if we received such attention from total strangers? 

What if random people we just met helped us blow our noses, or lovingly tucked us in for a nap? What if such folks spoon-fed us in restaurants, or assured us they weren't angry, just disappointed, when we commit grievous acts?

Telefora answers these questions in an amusing minute-long Mother's Day spot:

Teleflora | Love Like a Mother

Yep, when random strangers extend mother love to others, things can get awkward. Cringingly so. 

"Luckily," the ads tell us, "you only have one mom." So, really, would it kill you to remember her on Mother's Day and spring for a bouquet? Who loves you like she does? Not some stranger, that's for sure. 

"We were so fortunate to have improv talent in many of the scenes, which gave us a hilarious library of social videos for Facebook and Instagram," says Amber Justis, executive creative director of the Wonderful Agency, which created the spots with director Jamie McCelland. "This allowed us to dive deeper with each of these 'non-mom' moments, letting a stranger remind us that Mom's love is beautiful, weird and unconditional."

Indeed, you can feel the (mother) love in some accompanying social clips, which confine the awkwardness to 10- and 15-second bursts. 
"The idea came from the insight that starting from birth, the emotional bond shared between mother and child is exceptional," says Teleflora vp of consumer marketing Danielle Mason. "And while special connections are shared with Dad, family and friends, other individuals typically serve a different purpose. Once a baby is born, all the cells in both mother and child's bodies act in secret synchronicity to create those simple but incredible connections between the two." 

"Based on this connection," she adds, "scientific research has proven that Mom is the ultimate safe harbor for her children. The level of authenticity and vulnerability we experience with Mom is simply unmatched. We then took these simple acts of love and translated them into everyday, often public situations to highlight the truth that a mother's love know no bounds, and that she's really the only one who can pull off that type of deep affection."


Client: Teleflora
President: Jeff Bennett
Vice President, Consumer Marketing: Danielle Mason
Senior Manager, Product Marketing: Scott Price

Agency: Wonderful Agency
President: Michael Perdigao
Chief Creative Officer: Darren Moran
Executive Creative Director: Amber Justis
Executive Producer: Thomas Sann
Art Director: Savannah Bradford
Copywriter: Jameson Miller
SVP, Managing Director: Lori Hobson
Senior Project Manager: Demetrius Pace

Production Company: White Elephant
Owner: Megan Gutman
Head of Production: Samantha Clements
Director: Jamie McCelland
Director of Photography: Josh Fisher
Line Producer: Megan Gutman

Post Production: HutchCo Technologies
Editor: Jim Hutchins 
Assistant Editor: Andrew Oleck   
Post Producer: Jane Hutchins
Colorist: Jonny McPheeters
VFX Artists: Austin Hickman-Fain & Andrew Oleck 
Graphics: Andrew Oleck
Mix: Eleven Sound
Audio Mixer: Jeff Payne

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