Monzo Shows You How Good Money Can Feel

Uncommon's campaign compares and contrasts

Which would you prefer, an invigorating scalp massage ... or a tarantula crawling across your head?

Decisions, decisions. Luckily, Monzo, the British online bank, is here to help.

It's latest work from creative studio Uncommon contrasts pleasant stuff with creepy shit to illustrate Monzo's ability to relieve financial anxieties.

Money Never Felt Like Monzo

It's a simple idea, executed with considerable style with eye-catching imagery and a hot-coral motif.

Some people freak out over spiders, though. We think the leggy dude gives the work an extra kick. Even so, maybe folks will grouse to the Advertising Standards Authority and generate even more publicity before that arachnid gets edited out.

"Monzo aren't just making things easier and innovating in this space, they are looking at the bigger picture," says Uncommon co-founder Nils Leonard. "They are helping to renegotiate our relationship with money, and as a result our lives and dreams."

If you're thinking the concept would work great on billboards—a realm where Uncommon excels—you're right:

The work begins breaking today across the U.K., with a takeover of the Financial Times planned for May 14.


"Money Never Felt Like Monzo"
Client: Monzo
Creative studio: Uncommon
Director: Marie Schuller
Production Company: RSA Films
Production Company Producer: Ben Porter
Barcelona service company: Camino Films
Casting: Camino Films
DOP: Olan Collardy
Editor: Marie Schuller / D-Fran ℅ Whitehouse Post
Sound & Music: Soundtree
Colourist: James Bamford @ Rascal Post
VFX: Rascal Post
Photographer: Jp Bonino
Production Company: THE RATS
Retouching artists: Jason Cox and Declan McGurry
Producers: Paul Tobutt and Chris Green

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