Mobil 1 Says: Break Free of What Binds You and Hit the Open Road

Martin Williams rolls big with a visual metaphor

Martin Williams' new work for Mobil 1 shows folks doing familiar stuff like checking emails, eating lunch, visiting restrooms and jogging.

That may sound mundane. But in each case, they're tethered to bundles of extremely thick cables which trip them up, slow them down or impede their progress.

Naturally, the motor oil brand urges viewers to consider taking a drive to break free from the stress and constraints of mechanized, digitized, conformist modern life.

Mobil 1 | Breaking Free

Way to roll big with the visual metaphor!

That jump-rope sequence and the bit with leads curling like snakes into the windows of an apartment house are especially effective. So is Nancy Wilson's "Am I Glad" on the soundtrack, which clips along at just the right pace and sets a hopeful mood.

The self-consciously over-the-top visuals make their point. The direction, by the Fridman Sisters (Lina and Maira), achieves a hypnotic ambiance. The two-minute clip evokes future-tech fare like Terry Gilliam's Brazil, which also had wires trailing everywhere, keeping characters from pursuing their dreams. (And gained traction from obscure, old-timey tunes ).

So, there's nothing new here. But it's memorably shot and feels in sync with the spirit of summer.

Mobil 1 views the work, dropping today, as "an embodiment of the brand's commitment to helping more people get behind the wheel—wherever they may be. 'Breaking Free' represents the power of driving, the positive impact it can have on our lives, and the memorable experiences that can happen when you untether yourself from technology to reconnect with the open road."

Cars get the internet now. Take a drive. You won't miss an email, anyway.

"'Breaking Free' is not just a campaign, but represents a philosophy," Mobil 1 says. "Over half of Americans acknowledge that some of their best life moments have happened in a car. With this in mind, 'Breaking Free' builds upon America's unique love of the open road and encourages drivers to get out and discover what gives them a sense of joy."

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