McDonald's 'Raise Your Arches' Returns With a Sunny Sequel

That's one happy, hungry traffic jam

The folks in McDonald's latest "Raise Your Arches" commercial might be trying to tell us something.

Following up a popular U.K. ad from a few months back, Leo Burnett developed the summer-themed sequel, with a :60 set in heavy holiday traffic. Once again, brows stand in for the Golden Arches, as hungry humans communicate their love for McD's through eye contact and facial expressions.

Next Stop, McDonald's

Big Macs beckon! It's time to abandon those cars and chow down!

There's no dialogue, which fits with the whole cultural ubiquity vibe of the burger chain's recent work. Arches/eyebrows = McD's. Why waste words?

"An invitation to McDonald's is an opportunity to put our responsibilities aside and enjoy a little lift," Chaka Sobhani, U.K. and global CCO at Leo Burnett, said in January when the first spot debuted. "We hope 'Raise Your Arches' does exactly that, allowing everyone to momentarily let go of life's pressures and enjoying a Maccers."

Yello's bouncy "Oh Yeah"—used in the earlier commercial, too—sounds sufficiently, well, bouncy on the soundtrack. (And yellow's kind of like gold. So, there's probably a brand tie-in there, too, if you strain your brain hard enough.)

Micheal Gracey (The Greatest Showman) directs with self-aware style, and the effort breaks this week across various platforms.

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