McDonald's Celebrates Its Place in Pop Culture

Do you recognize all the movies and TV shows it name-drops?

McDonald's is not only ingrained in consumer DNA, but pop culture's as well. The brand's latest campaign, "As Featured In," gives viewers a taste of the Golden Arches' presence across TV and movies through the years.

There are so many references in a 60-second ad from Wieden+Kennedy New York that McDonald's saved us the trouble of Googling movie and TV snippets by naming each in the spot's closing credits.

As Featured In Meal | McDonald's

Was it the Seinfeld or Friends reference that stood out, or perhaps it was Coming to America, Clueless or the latest season of Marvel Studios' Loki?

McDonald's debuted As Featured In Meals this week, too, available in more than 100 countries, along with custom merch and content.

Consumers can choose either a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, a Quarter Pounder with cheese or Big Mac, along with medium fries, a medium soft drink and the newly-branded Sweet 'N Sour Sauce—"as featured in" the second season of Loki. Here's a standalone, all-Marvel, 15-second teaser:

As Featured In Meal | Loki

Marvel fans can use the lid off that special sauce to snag a sneak peak at Loki's latest eps. Scan the lid on Snapchat for exclusive content that's updated weekly throughout August. Or, for those near Brooklyn on Aug. 30, get your multiverse on and transport back to 1982 inside a Brooklyn McDonald's (6620 Bay Parkway). For three days, the McDonald's will take fans back in time, awash with memorabilia from '80s. Is remaining 1982 part of the fun?

Fans can also purchase exclusive merch from Palace, a London-based skate and streetwear brand, via QR code on "As Featured In" packaging. Folks near Downey, Calif., (10207 Lakewood Blvd.), can buy stuff in-person at a pop-store on Aug. 18.


Advertising Agency of Record: Wieden+Kennedy New York 
PR/Communications: Golin, EGAMI, BODEN, IW Group, The Narrative Group, Rogers & Cowan PMK (Lee Street) 
Creative: Wieden+Kennedy New York, Alma, IW Group, Burrell, BODEN 
Digital Marketing: Publicis Groupe 
Digital Experience, Retail: The Marketing Store (TMS) 
Packaging: Boxer 
Paid Media: Publicis Groupe, Burrell, Navigation Blvd, Admerasia 
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy New York 
VFX // COLOR // FINISHING: Preymaker 
Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors NY 
Mix & Sound Design: Sonic Union  
Custom Score: We Are Walker 

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