MasterClass Invites You to Learn Big Things in Ads by Anomaly

And maybe achieve some big things, too

In MasterClass's first brand campaign from Anomaly L.A., Ron Finley wants you to know that "Knowledge is gangster," and wonders if "Ya'll want to plant some motherf**king kale?"

The community activist, fashion designer and urban gardener appears along with other MasterClass instructors such as Spike Lee, Steph Curry, RuPaul, Serena Williams, Anna Wintour and Neil deGrasse Tyson in a punchy minute-long spot narrated by Lee:

Today's the Day | MasterClass

Self-referential. That's so Spike!

Meanwhile, Finley makes a borderline foul-mouthed billboard appearance:

That sh**'s tasty!

Lee's rapid patter propels the hero spot along, and star power illuminates the brand proposition: "These people know things, a lot of things, big things, all the things, the best things." And they're willing to share what they know. With you.

Tagged "Today's the Day," the work feels especially on brand for the Covid-19 era, with many folks at home, re-evaluating life choices, and with more time (in many cases) to pursue their passions through online learning.

"History has shown us that, almost invariably, periods of social upheaval are followed by periods of creative and entrepreneurial resurgence," says MasterClass marketing chief Jonathan Hum. "We're inspiring and equipping consumers to not only participate in, but shape, the coming renaissance and their role in it—whether big or small."

MasterClass planned the work pre-Covid, Hum tells Muse, "but we felt that the underlying message of inspiring and celebrating curiosity only became more pertinent as we saw more and more that the rebuilding of culture and creativity was percolating at a grassroots level. So, while the idea didn't pivot, the execution did—but we were lucky enough to have amazing content, which gave us a lot to work with when we couldn't go out and shoot this campaign."


Brand: MasterClass
Creative Agency: Anomaly LA
Media Buying Agencies: Exverus (Print, OOH), Tatari (TV)

Production Partners
Elastic – Animation
Jax – Editorial
Lime - Sound Design and Mix
Hifi - Music

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