Marmite Recruits 'Smugglers' to Sneak the Stuff Into the USA

There are worse ways to make a living

Hey Brits, keep your salty, yeasty breakfast spread off our shores!

Ever the canny ad team, Marmite and Adam&EveDDB are seeking "smugglers" to sneak the tasty/vile stuff into the Land of the Free.

The brand estimates that some 700,000 U.K. expats have limited access to it in the U.S. That notion drives the campaign.

There's a joke here about airport cops yelling, "Spread 'em!" But it's not very funny. Let's watch a silly "exposé" clip instead:

Marmite Smugglers

We're told that hundreds of applicants have answered the call, receiving smuggler-edition Marmite jars. 

TV, radio, digital and OOH play into the campaign, with elements targeting London and NYC. Henry Alex-Rubin directed the clips. (He's with Smuggler Films, natch).

"The one thing Sting failed to mention whilst being an Englishman in New York was the distinct lack of Marmite," says agency CCO Richard Brim. "It's real. So by enlisting willing Brits to smuggle jars of the spread through customs, we’re continuing to spread the love to our compatriots across the pond."

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