Liquid Death Unleashes a Chest Blaster Workout

Too bad they're not goofing on Alien

Splooosh! Splaaaaash!!

Liquid Death casts its aluminum cans as gushing, chest blaster gear in a wet, wild workout that spoofs the shake-weights craze.

It's not as hilariously heinous as most of the brand's questionable clips. Still, there's a goofy erotic vibe:

Liquid Death | Chest Blaster

It's like they cleaned up their act but stayed kind of dirty, too.

"We see a lot of people posting about enjoying Liquid Death at the gym or during a workout," LD vice president of creative Andy Pearson tells Muse. "So, we gave ourselves a simple brief: What's an innovative new workout device Liquid Death could create? From there, the answer was pretty obvious."

"Our target is always people who drink water or iced tea and have a sense of humor," he says. "But of course, this one is more of a tip of the hat to the fitness community."

While filming, the team had to address an unexpectedly fluid situation on set.

"One actor who showed up to set, watched the other guy do his takes, and then came up to us, fully clothed, and said he had to go," Pearson recalls. "We had to scramble and luckily found someone who was great. But, usually if we have at least one person leave in the middle of a shoot, it means we’re on the right track."

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