Letgo's New Ads From Droga5 Make a Good Case for Why We Don't Barter Anymore

What, you don't take truck?

Droga5 lends its magic to letgo, a fast-growing app for buying and selling stuff locally. The result is "Live and letgo" (cute wordplay, thar!), which went live today with three ads where people try paying for stuff ... with other stuff. 

The ads are directed by Adult Swim's Tim and Eric (Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim). Tim and Eric's whole thing is awkward comedy whose strength often draws from the sense there's something vaguely off, a banal situation floating almost imperceptibly toward the surreal. 

Is it try-too-hardy, or are people unusually zoned-out? Did something terrible just happen? It's hard to know. Anyway, that elusive scent is captured perfectly here. 

In "Rounds," a man tries paying for a round of drinks by placing a lawnmower right on top of the bar. But the bartender's seen that trick before.

letgo | Rounds

"Ring" takes the same conceit and ups the ante. This time, a man tries paying for a diamond ring with his truck, which … well, you might as well watch it. It's nice that he says sorry. 

letgo | Ring

And in "Checking In," a matriarch tries paying for a hotel's best room with the ol' grand piano. 

letgo | Checking In

The campaign's been positioned as a way to preach the gospel of "less stuff, more living." That's a timely message, now that Netflix has transformed Marie Kondo into an epidemic. A case can be made for people holding onto stuff they otherwise wouldn't because they should sell it, and doing that isn't as quick-and-dirty as, say, Tinder. 

Letgo, on the other hand, makes it look just that easy. This is achieved in the choice of who ultimately orchestrates the sale: In each case, it's the vendor refusing the used (but valuable) good. They suggest selling it to the dense barterers before them, then pretty much can't be bothered to explain further, so they take a pic and bam! Money. 

"The idea behind 'Live and letgo' is that the guitar you haven't touched since college could easily be a flight to Miami with your best friend, and the skis you never needed anyway could be pottery classes," explains letgo cofounder Alec Oxenford. "A typical home is overflowing with thousands of dollars in extra stuff that just sits there—unused, unloved and unenjoyed. We're helping people discover the potential in all those things to fund new, more fulfilling experiences." 

That philosophy also coincides with research that finds millennials care more about experiences than stuff, and we've all got too much of the latter. What's more, the act of getting rid of stuff can be an enriching experience in itself: In a survey, letgo found that two-thirds of respondents found purging belongings made them feel free, and more optimistic and confident.

Targeted to the right people at the right time—say, during Adult Swim—this will probably land great. Otherwise, if you're encountering the ads at random and don't know the work is a Tim and Eric joint, the campaign could feel overshot and twee. (And this early in the morning, it's way too meta to acknowledge we're supposed to feel this way, and enjoy that feeling ironically as if it's a fine smoky bourbon, because that's the whole point. Don't ask us to do it. We're not gonna do it.) 

But "Live and letgo" does the job of showing how easy it is to use the service, and that's fine. The app launched in 2015, and uses real-time image recognition and video listings to make selling second-hand stuff feel as easy as flagging an Uber. This on its own is a stronger focal point than the whole "get rid of more stuff" thing, which the tagline, current trends and the overall mood of millennials facilitates anyway. 

The campaign rolled out nationwide and follows good news for its mother brand: Letgo recently raised $500 million in Naspers funding, and passed the 100 million downloads mark. Good job, everybody, good job.

Client: letgo
Campaign: Live & letgo
Title: Rounds, Checking In, Ring 
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Lucia Varela: VP of Brand and Communication 
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Angela Natividad
Angela Natividad is the European markets editor at Muse by Clio. She also writes about gaming and fashion, and whatever else she's interested in, really. She's based in Paris and North Italy, so if you're local, say hi. She might eat all your food.

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