KitchenAid Appliance ... or Cake?

Tastes like metal or funfetti?

From an online meme to a Netflix series, and now immortalized in an ad campaign, the "Is it cake?" concept has legs —and we're sure they're delicious.

Zulu Alpha Kilo added KitchenAid to the mix—and it's very likely the beloved appliances helped make many of the cake fakes shown online.

KitchenAid partnered with artist April Julian from the Netflix show Is It Cake to create realistic batter-and-frosting versions of the brand's mixer, range and refrigerator. Our first stop would be that funfetti stand mixer. Make it a double! The fridge was made of chocolate with multicolored frosting and the range was red velvet.

KitchenAid | Cake

"Our goal was to inspire makers and prove that no matter what you want to create in the kitchen, anything is possible," says the creative team at Zulu Alpha Kilo (CCO Brian Murray, CD Michael Siegers and CD Jonah Flynn). "KitchenAid is essential to the creation of so many viral 'cake fake' videos out there, it just never got the credit. This was our way of putting KitchenAid appliances in the spotlight of the craze, instead of just remaining behind the scenes."

The video is making the rounds on social media and encouraging bakers of all levels to share their latest creations.


Client: KitchenAid Canada
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Chairman: Zak Mroueh
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Murray
Creative Directors: Michael Siegers, Jonah Flynn
Art Director: Tanios Nims
Writers: Karishma Wadia, Mariia Kul
Clients: Greg Skinner, Janice Ryder, Prajay Shah, Pradeep Verma, Gopal Katwal Chhetri, Karina Tano Gigante, Mareike Greve
Account Team: Lisa Walton-Rixon, Shauna McKenna, Abdulla Barakji, Chris Rosario
Strategy: Cameron Fleming, Patrick Henderson
Production: Andrew Sekine
Production Company Zulubot
Executive Producer: Adam Palmer
Producer: Siddhi Patel, Colleen Allen
Editor: Can Yuksel, Amy Groll, Erin Brazeau
Assistant Editor: Adrian Gluvakovich,
Colour/Online: Can Yuksel
Audio: Noah Mroueh

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