Kid Influencers Lend Their Voices to Cartoon Series for Wonderful Halos

The time is ripe for mandarin-orange humor

The kids in this new cartoon series are typical summer campers. Except they sport outsized mandarin-orange heads, and strive to earn halos through a series of adventures. 

Welcome to Camp Halohead, a branded series for Wonderful Halos mandarins that breaks today on YouTube via the Wonderful Company's in-house creative team and Six Point Harness Animation. Youthful influencers with nearly 30 million combined views provide two of the voices. 

Evan of EvanTubeHD guest stars in the first installment below, which features juicy lines such as, "How do I do enough good things to earn my halo and end up in the good place? You know, inside some kid's belly." 

Next, Ryan of Ryan's World takes a turn in a story that boasts a TV commercial parody about naughty mandarins winding up in citrus smoothies. ("You can really taste the regret!")

"Long-form provides just the right amount of content to connect and share a storyline that delivers high engagement with audiences," Wonderful svp of marketing Adam Cooper tells Muse. "As a company that has traditionally invested millions of dollars in television commercials through the 'Good Choice, Kid' advertising campaign, this is a big move for us, as we keep testing ourselves and evolving as a brand to continually focus on new ways to reach broader audiences." 

Wonderful's commercials with John Cena as pistachio-obsessed Ernie the Elephant proved popular, and its orange-themed creepy-kid Halloween spots from a few years back are well remembered. Housed on YouTube in a dedicated playlist, Camp Halohead follows in that oddball tradition. 

Here, the team took some chances, developing a storyline designed to "keep two audiences, namely parents and kids, engaged for five to six minutes," says Wonderful creative chief Bobby Pearce.

Fair enough, though this harvest of mandarin marketing, silly gags and quasi-religious references (so many halos, and there's even a choir) could be an acquired taste.

Here are the rest of the episodes:

What's more, Evan and Ryan have uncrated videos promoting their participation in the series:


Brand: Wonderful Halos
Campaign: "Camp Halohead"
Adam Cooper: Senior Vice President of Marketing
Diana Salsa: Director of Marketing
Kira Healey: Senior Brand Manager
Caroline Daoro: Senior Associate Brand Manager
Agency: Wonderful Pictures, a division of The Wonderful Company
Mike Perdigao: President
Bobby Pearce: Chief Creative Officer
Meghan Bass: Associate Creative Director, Copywriter
Matt Koulermos: Associate Creative Director, Art Director
Janna Carney: Associate Creative Director, Copywriter
Tom Sann: Executive Producer
Andrew Vizir: Producer
Mike Hand: Motion Director
Animation Studio: Six Point Harness, Inc.
Executive Director: Rich Rosenthal
Evan of EvanTubeHD: Guest Star
Ryan of Ryan's World: Guest Star
Stephanie Panisello: Voice of Clemmie
Alex Hall: Voice of Tango
Corey Krueger: Voice of Bud and Mr. Murcott
Dave B. Mitchell: Voice of Turtle, Shrink, The Raven King, and the Harpist
Patty Mattson: Voice of the Ringlet
René Veilleux: Voiceover Producer and Director
Donald Roman Lopez: Voiceover Producer
Rafael Estrella: Voiceover Producer
Thomas Chase Jones & MITA: Music

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