Kia Suggests a Summer of Road Tripping Now That We're Not Flying Anywhere

David&Goliath unveils nostalgic :60

As lockdown restrictions continue to lift, Kia answers the call of the open road in a nostalgia-driven push from David&Goliath.

Dubbed "Let's Road Trip," a new 60-second spot uses found footage of family car excursions to remind viewers of the fun they've had and signal good times to come.

"Remember how we'd just get in our cars and drive?" the narration begins. "It didn't even matter where to. Well, it's time to reclaim the road trip. All it takes is a loose plan and a solid set of wheels."

Let’s Road Trip | Kia

Positioning road trips as a release from months of self-isolation, the spot also subtly taps into anxieties about air travel in the age of Covid-19. "It might be a while before we'll see America from 35,000 feet," the voiceover says. "But the view from six feet is even better."

"C'mon on, America," the ad concludes, "let's pick up where we left off. Let's road trip."

The campaign arrives as Kia's domestic sales dipped 13 percent in the first five month of 2020; most automakers have experienced similar decelerations of late.

Of course, the virus is still out there, and travel of any sort entails some elevated risk. That said, Kia "felt there would still be a way to balance safety with our need for peace of mind and desire for freedom," says D&G founder and creative chairman David Angelo. "After all, we need a sense of calm and respite in order to continue to optimally function."

The target audience is "anyone longing for hope, possibility and perhaps simpler times while still remaining safe," Angelo says.

While developing the work, "we remembered, as kids, how road trips played such an integral part in our lives growing up," he says. "Back then, a road trip was not only the most affordable solution, but it was a ticket to freedom, adventure and family bonding. When I was a kid, coming from a family of nine, we couldn't afford to take family trips on a plane. One summer, my dad put a mattress in his truck, and we all slept in the back as he drove all night, just to get to Disneyland."

"The more we talked about our road trips, the more inspired we were to get the message out there," Angelo says. "Then, coincidentally, our client mentioned he was taking his family on weekend road trips. And that's what prompted the idea."

Angelo believes the pitch is in tune with the new normal.

"Our cars have become more than just a way to get from point A to B," he says. "I've seen people celebrate graduations and birthdays in cars, even weddings. It's become a part of our culture."

When consumers watch the commercial, "our hope is that it inspires them to see that there are ways to still safely enjoy summer under quarantine," Angelo says. "They can seize the moment and go out for an adventure, even if it is just for the day. The simplest experiences can bring the greatest joy, even during the toughest times."


Client: Kia

Agency: David&Goliath
David Angelo Founder & Creative Chairman
Yumi Prentice President
Laura Forman Chief Strategy Officer
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"Round The Campfire"
Rick Cassman & Samuel Harry Cassman Composers

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